Automatic Rotary Bottle Washer

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Automatic Rotary Bottle Washer


Bottles square measure loaded mechanically from integral slat conveyor and dud once rinse mechanically at the out feed finish of conveyor. For rinse, the bottles square measure picked up by absorbing heads, that square measure supported by carousel that by turning makes the grip level arms slide on a hard and fast spiral guide. during this approach bottles square measure turned the wrong way up to possess the openings at the lowest to coincide with spray nozzle. once rinse, bottles square measure once more turned back to up right position throughout the motion and carried over to out feed conveyor.

Each outside and inside surface are often rinsed and single or twin cycle rinse are often incorporated within the machine. conjointly Machine are often used either for rinse with water or airjet cleanup as per the precise cleanup necessities. this can be ideal machine for rinse speeds of forty – 240 metronome marking and might be used for GLASS/PET/PVC etc. BOTTLES of various shapes and sizes with further amendment elements.