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Gelatin Service Tank (With Stirrer & Vacuumizing)


This instrumentality is employed in tiny scale softgel production and laboratory production, it's used for gelatin melting and supply.

This instrumentality has 3 layers-sinner layer, heating layer and thermal insulation layer, and every one layers adopt SS 304 as material The instrumentality has been mirror polished each within and out of doors, therefore there's no dead angle throughout improvement method This instrumentality adopts electrical heating pipe heating vogue, digital intelligent temperature management instrument for temperature dominant and quick-open vogue sealed lid It adopts compressed gas to provide gelatin for the softgel encapsulation machine;

The fabric within the thermal insulation layer is ployurethan, therefore it's a robust heat-insulating property And there's a quick bubble breaking device (which is our patent product) put in on the stirring paddle, this device will facilitate to interrupt the bubble generated throughout gelatin metlting and stirring method quick, in order that the vacuumizing time may be reduced and also the production potency may be improved There ar universal wheels put in on the lowest of the bucket, therefore it may be captive flexibly. last, our gelatin melting bucket is in accordance with GMP standards. .