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Heat Exchanger


Heat Exchanger that area unit utilized in main chemical, organic compound, food and process trade, have important role in heat transfer processes like reheating of water, atmospheric phenomenon cooling etc. Having long producing tradition, exploitation reliable calculations and quality materials for his or her production, we tend to created broad network of glad users within the country and within the region.

Technical data:

  • working gauge pressure - 40 bar,
  • working temperature - 400 C,
  • exchangers surface - 2.5m3 - 2000m3,
  • working media - water - water, steam - water, oil - water.


  • reheating of water,
  • condensate cooling,
  • technical water heating for the internal use.
  • Advantages :
  • long life cycle,
  • water heating on high temperatures (huge temperature differences),
  • massive output parameters coming out of small input parameters,
  • quick response during the starting process,
  • regulation on the output in the range from 0 to 100%.