We undertake consultancy for the tunkey projects in Pharmaceuticals & food processing products manufacturers and suppliers of pharmaceuticals machinery, chemical plants & machinery, food & beverage processing, confectionery machinery and dairy equipment

About Vitro Pharma Machinery

VITRO group of companies are committed in Designing, Constructing, Purchasing and Assisting of all kinds of Pharmaceuticals, Chemicals, Food, Confectioneries and Dairy Businesses. Soft gelatin capsule filling machine manufacturers in India to worldwide pharma industry according to ISO standards with assured safety.

Machinery & Equipment For:

  • Pharmaceutical
  • Food
  • Cosmetics
  • Chemical Industries
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Pharmaceutical Technologies Research Lab

Our Methodology


Brain Storming sessions and data generation.


Compiling and sorting the appropriate data. Concepts are been converted into manufacturing data so it can be released for manufacturing or production.


Final Inspection and Testing is been done by projects department development. Qualifying procedure is been followed before release of the data to manufacturing.


Planning should be done for Purchase & Production.


Adopting good manufacturing processes, Better Quality is been used for Argon Welding, as per the process need Various types of jigs and fixtures are been made


On successful completion of test Stage wise inspection is been carried prior to final testing, a check listing is been carried out to check all critical parameters/ area/ components.


Packing instructions are been made for packing, (printed label) on carton/ crate/ case marking is been provided, as per delivery schedule of customer product is been dispatched.