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Mixing Tank

7.5 kw Large Volume Stainless Steel Mixing Tanks / PID Temperature Control

Quick Detail :

Product Name Mixing Tank Motor Power 7.5KW
Dimension (mm) Temperature Control PID
Function Mixing the medicine or other liquid

Product Description :

Mixing tank is employed for combining medication or different fill material, creating the fabric a lot of swish.The mixing tank is simply just like the gelatin service tank. combining tank is created of chrome steel . however it will be divided 2 sorts. One kind will keep the temperature of the fabric and another kind cannot keep the temperature. each of them have the perform of stirring. however the previous has 3 layers to stay temperature. However, the latter simply has one layer, thus it cannot keep the temperature.

Applicaiton :

It’s wide used for pharmaceutical, dairy farm foods and fine industry. It’s sometimes used along with the paintball or soft capsule encapsulation machine to manufacture stunning paintballs or soft capsules.

Specification :

Model 800L
Dimension(mm) Ф
Capacity(L) 800
Motor power (kw)
Temperature control PID
Gelatin supply Pressure Air / Gravity

Competitive Advantage :

  • 1. Temperature controlled
  • 2. It’s convenient to open and move
  • 3. Keeping temperature
  • 4. Stainless steel storage tank
  • 5. Conforming to the requirements of GMP