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Rotocone Dryer

Description :

Rotary vacuum paddle drier consists of a stationary cylindrical shell, mounted horizontally, during which a collection of bad hat blades mounted on a revolving central shaft stirs the solids being treated. Heat is provided by circulation of steam, plight or thermal fluid through the jacket, and conjointly through the hollow central shaft and bad hat arms. the bad hat are often volute ribbons or paddle kind. The sweeping blades promoted product contact with the heated walls of the drier, facilitate intermixture and facilitate accomplish most mixing and heating action.

The hollow shaft and therefore the paddle arms significantly increase the warmth transfer space and therefore a high heat transfer co-efficient is achieved. The product square measure charged into the drier shell through one or a lot of variety of ports located on high of the shell. Vacuum is applied through necessary filters, condenser, vacuum lure etc., by means that of a water ring air pump or the other vacuum system like ejectors etc. Heat is provided by steam / plight / hot thermal fluid. product at the tip of the drying cycle square measure discharged through fast gap discharge port.