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Softgel Automatic Encapsulation Machine Parts Soft Capsule Paintball Tumble Dryer

Quick Detail :

Product Name Tumble Drying Machine / Tumble Dryer Power consumption 1.5kw
Drying fan Motor (KW) 2W Basket per section 6
Application Drying softge l/ pain tball or pills or fish oils,etc

Product Description :

VPM-4 Soft Capsule (Softgel) and paintball Tumble dryer is passed down to predry and first constructing of soft capsule (softgel) and paintballs. VPM-4 Soft Capsule (Softgel) and paintball Tumble dryer adopts a new resounding encloser category dryer. The encircling cage inside diameter is ∮580 mm. Each department can contain 20-25kg. Its contract and smart viewpoint and accessible to bundle and remove only with one hand make it more in line with the requirements of GMP. The drying cycle is controlled by the PLC unified. Users can adjust the cycle time conveniently. As the dryer and fan adopt a modular interface, users can regulate airflow according to your needs..

Application :

  • 1. VPM-4 Softgel and paintball Tumble dryer are passed down to dry and first constructing of the soft capsule (Softgel) and paintballs.
  • 2. It’s for soft gel and paintball making enterprises and pharmaceutical enterprises

Specification :

Model VPM-4
Basket diameter (mm) 526
Basket length (mm) 282
Drying fan (kw) 2
Motor Power (kw) 1.5
Basket per section 6

Competitive Advantage :

  • 1. The new rolling cage type dryer.
  • 2. Compact and smart
  • 3. Easy to clean and be assembled and disassembled