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Tube Filling Machine


  • Capability to handle a large range of tube sizes
  • Automatic cap tightening
  • No-tube-no-fill device
  • Automatic tube infeed
  • Adjustable filling pump and several optional attachments


  • Can handle tube diameters from 10 mm to 40 mm and lengths from 40 mm to 200 mm. ~ Automatic tube infeed with cassette loader.
  • Simultaneous accessibility of many tube holders in case of manual infeed.
  • Tube cleaning device for dust removal (particularly required for pharmaceutical and~ food products
  • Adjustable filling pump with different volumes:. – Ease in removal of pump components for cleaning and changeover. -Contact parts are corrosion resistant, – No-tube-no-fill device, – Blow off device to cut “Rat tail” of highly viscous products.- Photo-electric tube registration for automatic positioning of tube orientation. – Multiple folding stations for tube closure. – Code marking on the closure with digits and/or letters. – Transportation of filled tubes forward and backward.


  • Output, tubes per hour 2400-3600 depending upon tube size and product.
  • Attendance 1 operator.
  • Power consumption 1 Kilowatt.
  • Floor space occupied 1.2 x 0.7 meter.
  • Height, including paste container 1.7 meter; ( 5′ – 7″ ).
  • Height, excluding paste container 1.1 meter. ( 3′ ).
  • Net weight 550 kilograms (1200 Ibs).
  • Gross weight 750 kilograms (1650 Ibs).
  • Shipping volume 3m3 (100 cubic feet).


Cream stirring devices, heating devices, jar filling attachments, cartoner hook ups, counting devices, flange connections in plac of hopper, stainless steel sterilisable pumps, spring loaded tube holders etc. can be provided for specific requirements.