Linear Bottle Washing Machine (Tunnel Type)

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Linear Bottle Washing Machine (Tunnel Type)


Three-cycle removal permits flexibilities of varied wash cycles like H2O, dematerialized water etc. as per the removal demand of bottle. All the pumps ar product of SS and every one the water contact components ar product of SS 316 on an important base of SS structure. In tunnel style is such separation is maintained between feeding zone and discharge zone of the cleansed containers. All the mechanical drives ar separated and isolated from the laundry zone. Approved materials solely ar used for construction, in conjunction with a careful alternative of elements, thereby taking in to thought all aspects of sanitation and consequence yielding with the pharmaceutical G.M.P. necessities. the standard of removal is ensured through three sets of inner and a pair of sets of outer nozzles accurately placed to direct the jet at center of the bottle and also the bottle comes out with water completely drained with minimum droplets of water


Salient Features

  • High-pressure spray nozzles ensure perfect wash of Bottles.
  • Interchangeable wash sequences.
  • Totally fabricated from SS Materials, including the basic frame.
  • No change parts required for washing of round bottle saving time of change over. (Change Parts require for Flat bottles & if change of neck size.)
  • All parts coming in contact with washing zones / jet are made from SS 316 materials.
  • The machine suitable for handling washes of round and flat glass bottle (With help of change parts).
  • Water re-cycling arrangement is possible as per customer’s need.
  • Machine is totally rigid and with stands continuous operation for long working. Hours without any trouble.
  • Higher capacity centrifugal pump to wash bigger container.
  • Third Tank & pump can be fitted (optional).

Technical details

  • Model VPM LINER LBW-150
  • Out put / Hour* 9000 bottles
  • No. of Pocket Across 12
  • Tank Capacity 80 Ltrs. S.S. 316
  • Wash Cycle 3 Inner + 1 Outer + 1 Air
  • Cycle Timing 3.5 Second for each wash + 1.5 second for traveling.
  • Water / Air Consumptions 400 Ltrs. / Hr / Cycle / Pressure 2.5 Kg @ 20 CFM
  • Machine Dimensions (In mm) 1450 x 2500 x 1550
  • Case Dimensions (In mm) 1900 x 3000 x 2000